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Your cv = your elevator pitch

5 min is about the time you get of a future employer when looking at your CV. Therefore it‘s key that the elevator pitch does what it should do.

Therefore it‘s key to stick to the core: there is one main question your CV should reply to a potential employer: “Will you be able to do the job?”.

Whether it’s plug and play experience or by transferable skills, based on your CV the employer should be able to evaluate where your added value will be as from day 1 on the job. Therefore it is key to invest sufficient time in finding the right words, so that a reader can quickly grasp what you have done.

Creating your CV is not easy, not fun and for many of us, it’s totally out of our comfort zone.

Some tips and tricks:

  1. Focus on transferable and hard skills: for which tasks are you plug and play?

  2. Measurable results: any KPI’s you reached that can be highlighted (important not to overload your CV with it though)

  3. Two pages maximum, experiences of 10 years ago can be a limited description. Be clear and concise, avoid clichés and complex sentence structures.

  4. Formatting should be consistent, clean and aligned with the job you are applying for. If you apply for a creative role you can go more exotic in the CV format.

  5. Add also something about ‘the person behind the CV’, 1 sentence describing who you are in your free time, it doesn’t have to be too serious

And before you send it out: ask someone to proofread. When you are so much into the details, you need a fresh eye to look into it.

Want more information on the CV? Check out our services page, happy to help!

Enjoy this amazing day!

Your freely team.


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