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Find and onboard your neW SUPERSTAR team member

A newly onboarded employee is a successful outcome of a complex process with unique challenges.

First we jointly discover in which step of your recruitment process support is required. Next, we focus our resources where they can be most effective to onboard your next team member.


Lack of CV inflow?

Our direct search services expand your candidate pipeline in the short run. Moreover, we propose process changes and implement our best practises to avoid this insignificant inflow going forward; by channel optimisation, re-writing job specs to increase response rates, embracing social media,...


Abundance of CV inflow?

Our experienced recruiters join you 'on-premises' and unburden your HR-team in a bespoke way. From admin support to organising the recruitment end-to-end (from CV screening, to interviews and onboarding of incoming and headhunted candidates). We can set-up and implement our agile working methods to prioritise the workload in line with your business needs. 


Your digital onboarding process.

A drone tour through the company to present it to your new hires? A little movie to let candidates now how to find your premises and how to get access?  You name it and together with our videographers we make it happen.

We search our client's team members whilst applying a human, candidate-centric approach and guarantee a positive candidate experience, as if we onboard our own team. 

Tailored HR service and recruitment process optimisation and efficiency. Freely offers different services in function of the client's recruitment challenge with focus on the solution.
job definiton with focus on job and team alignment. Job definition with focus on employee personality and company value alignment. Determine the minimum viable profile for the top talent


Job/team alignment

Personality/values alignment


job posting with the sexiest job spec and talent sourcing channel optimisation


Sexiest job spec

Channel optimisation

Freely offers access to a pre-validated candidate database to full-fledge direct search services)



Direct search

Database access

First screening

Salary Review and Salary Package Optimisation


Salary review

Salary package optimisation

We search our client's team members applying a human, candidate-centric approach and guarantee a positive candidate experience as if we onboard our own team. 



Process optimisation

Digital onboarding

Interview coaching for hiring managers

Being in full start-up mode, pivot is our middle name.Do you require a more tailored service?

Let’s discuss and co-create the solution you need.

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