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Hello there!


As stated in Oxford Dictionary "freely" means ‘without being controlled or limited' or  'without anything stopping the flow of something' We believe that when you are part of a happy work environment, this shines towards your colleagues and customers. You go the extra mile for the others and easily hitting those KPI’s.

How does Freely add value to #workisahappyplace in Luxembourg?

​1. Recruitment: a positive way to enter a new workplace:


People leave jobs when they are asked to act against their values. Therefore, at Freely, we match company and team culture with personal values of our candidates to equate candidates AND companies; rather than seeking 'a match on CV'. 

Freely stands for open and transparent communication during the application process. In times where you can track your package from China to your door step, we are still astonished that in a recruitment process CVs are lost and people are left pending for months.

Our goal is to be the point of reference for candidates and companies in Luxembourg. We go the extra mile to make the right match!

We do our utmost, however we are not perfect... (yet 😁)


Our ambition to share honest feedback does not  only pertain to candidates but also towards our clients. Therefore, during the process, we share:

  • How many candidates we have in the pipeline;

  • Where candidates are in the process and where they dropped of (offering you market intelligence);

  • Provide negative feedback – we aim to get constructive feedback from our clients so our candidates can grow their application skills.


We are inclined towards transparent and open communication with a focus on personal growth for all stakeholders involved.


Our recruitment process is based on the following concepts:


  • feedback; we will always provide you with feedback (positive or negative) and we expect you (whether you are a recruiter or a candidate) return the favour.

  • transparency; we will always tell you what is going on and we expect the same;

  • high-quality efficiency; we may not be the quickest on the market, but we are owls: we scout the forest from above and we hit with precision.


Today we are making all of this happen and we are working towards our end-goal which is to become the “AirBnB” of recruitment, creating a platform that encourages and embraces responsible behaviour in a context where online and real world are interconnected.

2. We support companies on creating a happy, high-performing workplace where teams can flourish.


We offer a full training program on how to create happier workplaces to companies – check our posts on LinkedIn and you are more than welcome to join our regular lunch and learn sessions.



Make your teams your biggest sponsors so retaining and attracting talent becomes a piece of cake.





Freely is a dream coming true for Elke our founder. Since she was a little girl, she dreamed of  founding her own company, it was never clear in which sector until she started working in recruitment – a profession she fell in love with.


“I love connecting with candidates and customers and seeing the magic when you visit a customer after 3 years and your candidate is still there, thriving in the organisation”.

Freely Recruitment Agency Luxembourg

Our motto?



Meet the team

Elke 12.04.2023.jpeg

Elke Vanwijnsberghe



The Freely-girl 🦉:


Elke oversees customers and candidates and does her ‘magic’ in building profound people connections.

A quote about the moon 🌙 , zodiac signs or any other miracle is not exceptional, however, don’t underestimate the professional ninja 🥷hidden behind a sweet, little girl façade 👧🏻.


If you work with Elke, you’ll notice that she is doesn’t see problems, only solutions, with a big smile on her face.

Her secret? Coffee, cookies and lots of walking.

Try it to believe it!

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Frederick Bauwens



Speedy Gonzalez 🏎 is his middle name. Fred is always busy and in a hurry, he might forget his head one day, but mainly
lost keys and jackets so far.

As co-founder, Fred supports Freely from an administrative point of view:  he is our legal ⚖️ and business development 📈 – always finding new ways to automate repetitive tasks and to improve our business.

It might take a few weeks to set things up, but his tag phrase is:
"A smarter tomorrow starts with automation today”.

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Fred 12.04.2023.jpeg
Alessandra 12.04.2023.jpeg

Alessandra Blondet

Operations Associate

Alessandra is our Italian, language nerd 🤓 who also starts to get a grasp on West-Flemish so Fred and Elke stopped having their secret language 🤷🏻‍♀️.


Completely in love with her dog, she brings us tea in recycled containers as Freely now has a zero-waste policy it appears 😅.


Candidates are approached in their mother tongue as much as possible and Alessandra is not afraid to leave us puzzled with some German/Italian email to facilitate the connection with the candidate 😍🤯.

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Vanessa Brito

Junior Recruiter

Vanessa is a warm-hearted, ever-smiling pianist and mum of the cutest 2-year old (who stole our heart already 😍).

Other than playing the piano 🎹 magnificently she sings like an angel 🎤 during our karaoke nights-out. We urgently need an office piano so we she can lower her stress level should this be needed 😁! She makes sure the vibes are always above par, in the office and on our Instagram page.

Vanessa is always interested in hearing more about your life, so if you happen to have a call with her, prepare to be listened like never before!

Vanessa 12.04.2023.jpeg
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